OEM & Reconditioned Spares

We offer genuine and OEM reconditioned equipment and spare parts at competitive price.

We also offer large selection of completely reconditioned and second hand equipment’s and spares at a competitive price much lower than of the cost of genuine or OEM prices.

Giving you excellent value for your money. All reconditioned parts are with in manufacturer tolerance and on buyers request we can get it them approved from required class.

Engineering Products

Air Coolers and Heat Exchangers ( Evaporators, Lube oil heaters and Fuel oil heaters, FW and Lube oil cooler)

With our associated facilities located in Shanghai, Just a telephone call our engineer will attend your ships for detailed measurement of heat exchanger and if we cannot find off the shelf we will fabricate.


We can fabricate varieties of main &auxiliary engines’ air coolers with high effective and compact construction for most types of engine such as MAN、B&W、SULZER、MARK、MTU、CUMMINS,PC、PA、DEUTZ、STEYR and YAMQ etc.



(high efficiency, small volume, erosion-resistance, and full series)