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About Bond Marine

  • Expert team of Marine engineers, Naval architects and OEM Service Engineers.
  • We are specialist consultants and service provider for 2-Stoke,4-stoke,Aux Machineries & CPP. Including overhauling and trouble shooting. Increasing assurance, reducing downtime and operating expenses
  • We are specialist Naval Architect & Design Consultancy having extensive expertise in CFD & FEM. We provide creative solutions to increase vessel demand, charter rate and value
  • We provide support for 24x7 and available at short notice onsite.


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Bond Marine Consultancy Pvt. Ltd,

111 North Bridge Road

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Marine Engineering

  • Main Engine and Aux Engine ( 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines of all Makes)
  • Overhauling of complete maneuvering system of all make for main engine with spares
  • Deck Crane, Engine Cranes and Hydraulics - Incl. hyd. pumps /moto1rs, gearbox components /sheaves renewal & new manufacturing, repairs of Grabs.
  • HAVC and Ducting (incl. thin sheet metal jobs)
  • Gangway /Ladders - m.s & aluminium (incl. new fabrication or repair)
  • Electricals /Electronics (incl. rewinding of large /multi stage motors), Motor overhauling of Thrusters and other motors fitted in engine room equipment’s. Alternator overhauling and winding jobs.
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (incl. compressor overhauling / manufacture of evaporator cooling coil unit)

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